• Pastor E.A. Adeboye at RCCG Crossover Service.

Thank You Father.
In order that you might know how to praise God, I would like to remind you about the story of a man who was told by a Prophet that he will not go beyond a particular year. He asked the Prophet if there was anything he could do to change the prophecy. The Prophet said nothing. He said to the Prophet “could you please ask God to allow me to see December 31st”. The Prophet said that is no problem, all that God said is you will die this year. December 31st came and he woke up very early in the morning and ran to the Church at Ebute Metta. Church Gist. He trekked, he didn’t enter a bus. When he saw any one, he would dodge because he didn’t want someone to kill him. When he got to the Church he said “Finally, the death that will come and kill me in the house of God, I will wait and see”. Whether the devil likes it or not you have already seen the new year. You are in the presence of the Most High God, there is no death that can come and get me. Why don’t you lift up your voice at this moment and give God thanks

Ancient of days, the unchangeable God, the I AM that I AM, the Lord of hosts, the One who never lost a war. We praise your holy name. Thank you because we know, we have made it now whether the devil likes it or not, he has lost the battle. Accept our worship in Jesus’s name. Take all the glory Lord, in Jesus’s mighty name we have prayed.


Let somebody shout Hallelujah.

1 Samuel 7:7-13

  • God is going to hear the prayer of somebody today.
  • Beginning from this moment, the enemies will leave you alone.

I know many of us have been doing as we were instructed, you have been going round announcing to everyone that the siege is over. It is characteristic of the enemy that when they hear that the siege is over in your life, they will try to check it out if it is true or is the fellow just boasting. Isaiah 54:15-17. The Philistines heard that the children of Israel were gathered together for a celebration and they decided to attack. But the Bible says God thundered. We learnt something during the Congress that the enemy will hear a noise, where do you think the noise is coming from? God thundered. In Deuteronomy 28:1&7, the Bible tells us that if we will hearken to do all that the Lord commands us, the enemies that come against us shall be smitten before our face. They may come in one way but they will flee in seven ways. One of the reasons they will flee is because they will hear a noise. God will thunder. Church Gist. Usually, if you shout in a place that is surrounded by mountains, you hear the echo of your shouting and usually, the echo is louder than the shout. You are surrounded tonight by the mountain of the Lord so when you shout God will echo it. You are only doing yourself good when you praise God. Whenever you do something for God, it is actually yourself that will be benefiting. Before you praise God, He is God. While you are praising Him, He is God. After you have praised Him, He is God. You refuse to praise Him, He is God.

He said, “I am the Lord, I changeth not”. Everything we do as humans, they don’t change God. You sin, The Bible said the soul that sins shall die, it didn’t say if you sin God shall die. You praise Him, He will draw near you. You don’t praise Him, He has billions of angels who are not doing any other thing than praising Him. After God thundered and the enemies were smitten. Church Gist. The Bible says Samuel raised an altar and called the name Ebenezer. When God says your siege is over, one way of letting everyone know that you are a winner is what God said in Psalms 47:1. During the Congress, I told you that when we are clapping our hands we are saying we will cooperate but that is not all. When your champion, your representative is doing well and you are clapping, you are saying to your representative “hey! Keep going on. Continue”. When God deals Satan a blow, when you clap He will deal a second blow, if you clap He will deal a third blow. When you cheer for your champion, you are saying go ahead and do more.


Someone asked me what is the secret of your choir been so good. He was expecting me to say that I pay them very well. I said my choir are all volunteers, I don’t pay them. How come that when they sing, they sing with all their heart. They dance, and even as they are singing you can see them smiling. I said you want the secret? From time to time I tell them I appreciate you. Church Gist. You are good, you are the best. When they hear that they say “Okay, we will show Daddy that we can do better”. Show the Almighty you appreciate Him, You are wonderful, You are great, there is no God like you. You are the greatest of all the greats. Appreciate Him and He will do more. Thank you Father.

I am just beginning to prepare you for next year, when God begins to perform miracles among us we get to a stage that because the miracles are so many, we begin to take them for granted. Many miracles of God we don’t thank Him for them. How many times have you seen somebody say “Glory to God, I woke up and I went to the toilet by myself”. In the new year in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, miracles will be many but it will only happen to those who know how to appreciate God.

Ebenezer means “thus far you have helped us”. In 1 Kings 8: when Elijah came to the widow of Zarephath and said give me your last meal, the widow must have thought “God you provided for me thus far, I think you will provide again”. Is there anyone here who didn’t have to beg for food all through the year that is ending, can you say “Thus far you have provided for me, I know you will do more”. Church Gist. I didn’t die of hunger in 2021, I am not going to die of hunger in 2022. Mark 5:25-34, that woman with the issue of blood must have felt “I know I have been bleeding for 12 years, if I get to the one whose name is Ebenezer. I know the one who preserved me thus far will keep on preserving me”. KORO didn’t kill you, Ebola didn’t kill you, you didn’t die in a motor accident. There were several tragedies that happened last year. None of them came near you. I am sure your tomorrow will be alright.

Psalm 124. If the Lord had not been on our side considering all the enemies around by now we would have been finished. You say you have no enemies, The only fellow who can say he has no enemies and I will believe is somebody who is nothing. I have said it before, go to Ajegunle. God bless my beloved brethren in Ajegunle and Mushin and other places like that. This coming year God will give you an improvement. But do you see any house in Ajegunle with a wall around it? No fence, why? What is anybody coming to steal? Go to Ikoyi and you will see how many gates one house has. Even to enter you need a special pass because there are treasures inside. Church Gist. If you are anybody at all, you have enemies. There are those who do not want you to wake up when you go to bed. But the Lord had been on our side thus far and He will continue to be on our side. 1 Samuel 17:34-51. David said a lion came, God gave me victory. The bear came and God gave me victory, the God who delivered me from the lion and the bear will give me victory today. I am here to tell someone that it doesn’t matter what the enemy is planning for your future, your victory is already guaranteed

Thus Far in Mercy
Lamentations 3:22. For the past 365 days you woke up by the mercy of God. But for the mercy of God where are we going to be now? That mercy is going to be renewed every day and the interesting thing is that it is not because of you but because God is faithful.

Ebenezer thus far you have helped me. You spoke one word and my siege was over therefore I can trust my future into your hands. In Luke 5:1-11, Peter fished all night and failed all night. Jesus spoke a word and the siege on his success was over. Church Gist. No wonder when they got to the boat Peter said I am going with you, I trust my life into the hands of someone who can speak a word and break the siege over my life. God spoke a word and your siege is over. I come to tell you on behalf of that God that your future will be alright.

You are going to pray a simple prayer today, the beginning of the year. You are going to cry to God and say: Father in this new year let me keep on enjoying your favour and help me to serve you like never before.

There are all manner of Prophets out there so you will be hearing all manner of prophecies in the coming days. I am talking to you, my children, not criticizing anyone. When God speaks, He speaks specifically. There is no maybe or perhaps. So if you hear someone prophesying and saying it is likely one of the following people will succeed. That is not a prophecy, that is personal opinion. When God speaks He says it very clearly that this fellow will succeed. That is the way God speaks, He never says “it is likely”. He didn’t say “Say ye to the righteous, it is likely to be well with him”. No! Say ye to the righteous it shall be well with Him. Church Gist. When God speaks, some of the things He says may baffle your brain a little. I have always told you I am not a Prophet, I am Pastor but I hear from God once in a while. Years ago there were about three people contesting to be President of Nigeria – Abiola, Aminu Kano and a third fellow and that time I was President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria. So the other Pentecostal people asked me who do we vote for, all three of them were Muslims. I said none. How can that be possible, if you toss a coin it will either be head or tail. I said none because God told me. He spoke in a parable and said “The winner will be the loser, the loser will be the winner and the luckiest of them is Aminu Kano ”. Aminu Kano died before the election, Abiola won but he never got to the throne. The fellow who lost did not have the embarrassment of winning and not reigning. When it played out, my colleagues came to me and said “it seems you really heard”. If someone asks me today like many people are already doing “Daddy, who is going to be our next president?” The answer is I don’t know. How can you say you don’t know? He hasn’t told me yet. You don’t do guess work when it comes to prophecy.

  • It doesn’t matter how you are feeling right now, your siege is over.

That is prophecy, no guesswork. I heard that one directly from Daddy. It is not that the siege may be over. How will I feel if I ask you ‘are you married?’ and you say “Maybe, perhaps”. Then you are not married. It’s not everything God tells a Prophet that he can tell. If He tells me anything and says don’t say it yet, I will keep my mouth shut. The following are the things He said specifically which anyone can pick up and keep into.


  1. Daddy says more than 80 per cent of projects started in 2022 will succeed. It has nothing to do with the economies of the world. When He speaks it is done.
  2. Daddy says this year, 2022 will be a year of emergence of previously unknown stars. Take note of my world.
  3. In spite of everything that may be happening, this year will be a year of some massive breakthroughs in science and in finance.
  4. Infant mortality rate will drop by at least 50 per cent.

I know some of you may say, Daddy what is God speaking about Nigeria. I don’t want to prophesy about Nigeria. I will only give a parable. The English have a saying that you don’t make omelette without breaking eggs.

Let’s go to Intercontinental, if you look at the prophecies of 2021, the first thing there is that some of the problems of 2020 will spill over into 2021 and we have seen that one. The second prophecy of last year is that the world is not going to get out of the woods until they admit that Jehovah is God. I said it last year that Daddy said as you are making medication, a new variant or whatever is surfacing. He said it last year. So from KORO, we went to Alpha, from Alpha to Beta, From Beta to Delta and now we are talking of Omi. I told you when this problem of KORO was going to start that the world is going to convulse like a little child and the world is still yet to admit that they have to apologize to God and they are doing very well, one jab after another. Booster, they are trying. What got me concerned is Omi. Omi**** is not a baby of KORO, it’s a grandchild. That’s why it is moving faster. Church Gist. Don’t let us argue what we should do, if you ask Nigeria to repent, when this was beginning that I cried to Him to have mercy on Nigeria, we don’t have any doctors or money to fight this fight and He told me and I told you also “Son, I have heard your cry, in Nigeria only those whose time has come will die”. Up till today the number of deaths in Nigeria due to KORO is just a little over 3000, whereas 4000 is dying in a day in another African country. We can’t ask the Senate to repent, they will tell you the Pastor in the Senate is the Senate President not Daddy G.O. the house of Representatives will tell you, the Speaker is our Pastor not you. Mind your own business. How then do we get out of this trouble? A friend of mine suggested that I apologize for Nigeria. I am going to need 1000 volunteers, strong Christians, prayer warriors, young – I don’t want anything above 70 to join me in seeking the face of the Lord for Nigeria and for the world. Before you volunteer, these 1000 volunteers and myself will be serving continuously for 72 hours, 24 hours will be spent for Nigeria. 24×1000 is 24,000 hours. 24 hours will be spent for the world. The remaining 24 hours I will tell you if you are one of the volunteers. We will do the praying in Early February. The situation has reached a stage because of what happened to South Africa, in future if a new one surfaces those who detect will not talk. We need to do something urgently to ensure no more grandchildren. Apart from KORO, our situation in Nigeria requires urgent action.

The Lord says the issue of migration is going to take a new turn in the new year.

Daddy says there will be two monstrous storms: one coming from the Atlantic we call it hurricane and one from the Pacific we call it typhoon that unless they are weakened before they make a landfall, the results will be terrible.

As for the Redeemed Christian Church of God, all I have for you is good news that your Pastors will be telling you.

We are fasting from January 11th and we will finish by March 2nd. We will fast for 50 days only. This is the year of doubles, double testimony, double victories, double blessings, double children.





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