Prof. & Dr. Olumide Olusanya offer a skilful and anthemic tune titled “Sing To The Lord A New Song” produced by Olumide Iyun and Co-Produced by Prof. Olumide Olusanya.

Olumide Olusanya, a celebrated Professor of Architecture and his amiable wife, Dr. Olasunmbo Olusanya, both Lecturers at the prestigious University of Lagos Nigeria, team up for this soulful and anthemic tune.

Olumide Olusanya is a Professor of Architecture at the University of Lagos. He is a member of the Family and Marriage Counseling Unit, Chapel of Christ Our Light, University of Lagos.

Olasunmbo Olusanya, PhD is a Lecturer in the Department of Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, University of Lagos.

She is a member of the Choir, Chapel of Christ Our Light, University of Lagos.

Prof and Dr. Olusanya are blessed with two boys: Oluwadamilola (10) and Oluwademilade (8).

Lyrics: Sing To The Lord A New Song By Prof. & Dr. Olumide Olusanya

Sing to the Lord a new song
His praise from the ends of the earth
Let the sea and all that fills it
The coastlands and its inhabitants
Let the desert
And the cities
Lift up their voices
Let the inhabitants of the mountains
Sing for joy
Let us shout from the mountain top
Let us sing glory to our King
And declare His praise
In our time (In our land)
In our time (In our land)

Song Production Credit:

Olumide and Olasunmbo Olusanya
Olasunmbo Olusanya
Digital Instrumentation:

Olumide Iyun and Olumide Olusanya
Olumide Iyun
Background Vocals:
Oluwadamito and Ayanfeoluwa IyunOluwadamilola and Oluwademilade Olusanya

Voice Consultant: Modupe Ige Kachi
Production Manager:David Nkennor
Recording Studio: GR8 Productions Limited, Lagos, Nigeria.


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