rank Ugochukwu Edwards, simply known as Frank Edwards is a Nigerian contemporary Christian singer-songwriter and recording artist from Enugu, Enugu State. He is the founder and owner of record label Rocktown Records, which is home to recording artists such as Edwards himself, Gil, Divyn, and David among others. Sinach is an award winning songwriter, vocalist and an anointed international worship leader of our time. As a songwriter, Sinach believes in writing from her heart as most of her songs is sang in many churches over the world.

“Idi Ebube” is a song of worship that is sang by two great vocalist and worship singer, it is a song that when you listen to,it will take you to a realm of worship. This song features the very renowned SinachIdi Ebube ft Sinach


Idi ebube
When we lift up our voice in praise
Is to you mighty one
When we lift up our voice in worship is to you Holy oneCome let’s magnify him
Let’s magnify
Onye neme mma
Come let’s glorify him
Let’s glorifyChukwu dindu
Idi ebube chukwu wike
Idi ebube chukwu wendu
Sur surgi buchi o 4*When I think of your love and your grace
My heart will sing praise to you
When I think of your favor and your mercy
My heart will sing praise to you
Yes I magnify you, I magnifyOnye neme mma
Yes I glory you. I glorify
Chukwu dindu
Idi ebube chukwu wikeIdi ebube chukwu wenduSur surgi buchi 4*
I magnify you
I glorify you LordI give you glory
I give you honor
You are worthy of my praiseOh oh mighty God
Oh oh
You are worthy of my praiseOh oh mighty God
We worship
I worship oh GodI magnify mighty God
Idi ebube
Sur surgi buchi
Only you are God
You are glorious
You are glorious
I magnify
Your Holy name
Idi ebube
Onye neme mma


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