Music: Cedar Greene – Eledumare 

Budding music creative Cedar Greene whose real names are Vera Eniola Wright is an Alte’ gospel music recording artiste, songwriter. And vocal powerhouse who hails from Edo state, Nigeria. A graduate from the prestigious University of Lagos, Akoka where She had obtained a B.An in the French language. Ians currently a French language instructor at a school while pursuing her passion for music. 

Cedar had worked voluntarily with the Little Saints Orphanage, Ilupeju where she and her band members would perform just to entertain the children there. She has always been a member of the Believers Love word (Christ Embassy) choir. 

She was formerly in a band called Sam Ubani and band and has also had the opportunity to do a theme song for a Tea and Jam company named MaiZOBO.

Cedar’s love and passion for music are one to be reckoned with as she has chosen to pass a message via Soul, R&B, and Jazz music infused with Christian /Gospel lyrics.

She has but a feels sings to her catalog yet. Eledumare is her most recent piece of work. 

Elédúmarè is a song that talks about the sovereignty of God. It was inspired by the fact that all other gods were made from what he already created. The existence of mankind and all of the creation revolves around him. He made a billion stars in the billion galaxies yet he calls them all by name.


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