Is-Praize: HE REIGNS IN MAJESTY (mp3 + lyrics)

Is-Praize: HE REIGNS IN MAJESTY (mp3 + lyrics) || Solomon Isaiah Smith, popularly called by his stage name ‘IS-PRAIZE’, is a Nigeria Gospel musician, a songwriter, a worship and praise leader. Based in Western Europe. He made his debut single in the year 2018, titled “MAGNIFICENT GOD”. Release yet another powerful rendition titled “HE REIGNS IN MAJESTY”. He is known to have blessed lives with his songs and numerous testimonies as well as sprung up from listening to his songs. IS-PRAIZE is a member of the Loveworld Nation Aka Christ Embassy and a member of its music ministry, LMAM.


He was dead and buried
Went to hell and Rose in victory
Ascended to heaven
Sitted on thy throne (x2)
All just for me… (x3)
To live a glorious life
All just for me (x2)
To live a glorious life….
How I love you (x2)
I really, really love you
I can’t stop loving you… (x2)
(Everybody from the Top)
He was dead and buried (went to hell)
Went to hell and Rose in victory…
Ascended to heaven (Ascended to heaven) …
(Sitted on thy throne)Sitted on thy throne
(He was) (x2)
All just for me… (x3)
To leave a glorious life
All just for me… (x2)
(All just for me) All just for me …(x3)
(What manner of love is this, lord.
That a man could lay down,
His only begotten son, ye eh
To live a glorious life)
To leave a glorious life…

Calling and responding
Oh yes, I love Lord Jesus
Yes we have the power to call
You now, yes you are the Holy God,
Holy God (Holy God you are)
Mighty God(Mighty God you are, ooh Lord)
Righteous God ( yes you are)
Sovereign God, (yes you reign)
You reign In Majesty.
(You Reign, you Reign, you Reign God)
(Yes you are, the Holy God) Holy God
(Yes you are) Mighty God
(Mighty God you ooh Lord)
Righteous God, (Yes you are Jesus)
Sovereign God, (you Reign)
You Reign In Majesty.
(What a precious prize you paid,
On the cross of cavalry for me ye eh)
Holy God (yes you are Jesus)
Mighty God ( mighty God you are oh Lord)
Righteous God (yes you are)
Sovereign God ( ye ye)
You Reign in Majesty….
(Somebody make a Joyful noise to Jesus
Oh, Oh Oh (x3) ( My God you Reign, you Reign)
You Reign in Majesty (how could I live without your love)
Oh, Oh, Oh (x3)
(Yes how could I live without your love.)
Oh, Oh, Oh (x3)( My King you Reign in victory)
You Reign in Victory.


  1. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
    Very beautiful and soul-uplifting rendition. Congratulations to my beloved brother Is-praize. You’re made for the biggest stage.


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