GOD’S HAND – HOPE JOHNWAY I can see God stretching out His hand again and He’s ready to bless whoever is ready to be blessed. Wherever you are right now, passing through on thing or the other, this song is coming through this season

just because of you. Listen, there is nothing God cannot do and there’s nowhere His hand cannot reach. Now the question is, are you ready to allow Him into your life and your home? If “yes” then congratulations cause your life is about to receive a supernatural turn around. God is rewriting your story, breaking all curses, mending that broken heart and doing mighty things in your life right now in Jesus name. He’s healing you spiritually and physically and also healing as many that are sick around you right now in Jesus’ name amen. Don’t allow anything to shake your faith this season that we are and always cause this too shall pass, keep loving God and He will keep you in His Mighty Hands, remember whatever is put in God’s Hand is safe and secured, and that means you and your entire household is safe in God’s Hand as long as you believe. I love you and I trust this message will get to you and change your life forever. Have a nice day and God bless you. Hope Johnway



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