Ghosted  Tife - HOSANNA

Ghosted Tife – HOSANNA|| Anointed Gospel Minister Ghosted Tife , release a new single titled “Hosanna” .

Hosanna,the angels song.
Hosanna, a tune that pleases the Almighty

The heavens connect,
Demons cringe in fear, 
Humanity rejoices even as the earth yields her increase. 

As children of the only living God and as for many people who  hunger and clamour for acceptance into God’s fold

“For I will pour out my spirit upon every flesh”
The good news is, Hosanna is for everyone !!!

download and enjoy,

Hosanna by Ghosted Tife

Verse 1
He is seated in heavenly places
Overseeing the affairs, of his creation
He is seated in between the Cherubims
Who eulogize him day and night
Singing, Hosanna Hallelujah 
Hosanna to the King
Hosanna Hallelujah 
Hosanna to the King 


Ah ah ah (3×)

Verse 2
Now we humbly bow before the one
Who is seated upon the throne (2x)
We join the Angels to sing
To sing your favourite song(2x)
We join the twenty-four elders
To sing your favourite song (2x)

Call: Singing

Hosanna Hallelujah 
Hosanna to the king (4x)

Call: We join the Angels to sing 

Hosanna Hallelujah 
Hosanna Hallelujah
Hosanna Hallelujah 
Hosanna Hallelujah 4×



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