Exclusive Interview With Min Bukky ( Biography )

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 Exclusive Interview With Min Bukky ( Biography )

Exclusive Interview With Min Bukky ( Biography )

Min. Bukky grew up in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. He had his Nursery and Primary education in the same city of Owerri. Then went on to further his Secondary School education in Federal Government College, Okigwe. He has a BSc. in Computer Science from Imo State University.

He started singing at the age of 9 in his local church choir. He also joined his primary school choir called Young Voice Singers at age 10. He became the music director in his Secondary School and University, since then he has been active in music.

Exclusive Interview With Min Bukky ( Biography )

In 2010 Min. Bukky was privileged to meet some individuals who have great passion for music and serving God. According to him Min. Ned Kingsley and he both shared the same minds in music, this ignited the passion in both of them to do gospel music.

Exclusive Interview With Min Bukky ( Biography )

His Brand name Yahweh Music His Brand named Yahweh Music was birthed through the leading of the Spirit. At first, Min Bukky had in mind to name it JESUS MUSIC because he always wanted to represent Jesus but he later find out that the name Jesus Music had been used by another person. So, he had to wait on God through praying and studying the word until the name YAHWEH MUSIC dropped.

So his Brand name is Yahweh Music. (Just for Jesus).

Exclusive Interview With Min Bukky ( Biography )

Min. Bukky’s toughest moment as a worship leader was when he thought that preparation was based on having a couple of songs to present until he was left at the spot of not knowing what to sing after he had exhausted the planned songs. After then he went into training and other things that improved him more.

To feature Him in a song totally costs nothing, just logistics.

His major break happened when he met his music mentor, Mr. Chemon and ever since then his life has changed and it’s still getting better. His style of music is Hip Hop, RnB, and many other genres. Whatever Min Bukky can write, He can sing.

Outside Music, Min. Bukky is an administrator, a computer Maintenance expert, but when the music calls, he drops all of them and focuses on music.

His favorite food is Fufu (Akpu) and Egusi Soup.

Min Bukky describes Gospel Music as Bread and Butter when you are the one listening to it, but when you are the one writing, arranging, and processing it to be good for the listeners, there’s stone and concrete in it for you to chew, soo that when one listens to it, it will live the footprint of God in their soul.

He further says that Gospel Music ministers in Owerri can be described as ASSORTED. His reason for this is that Any type of Gospel Music Ministers can be found in the city of Owerri.

Min Bukky has a lot of projects at the moment but has his mind centered on his upcoming MUSIC CONCERT, which will be on the 28th day of November 2021.

He has a new single that was dropped early this month titled IN’ADIGIDE.

Min Bukky will love to leave the name of JESUS in the heart of men as his Legacy.
His legacy will always remain JESUS.



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