Evans Pee – Hosanna [live recording]

Evans Pee is a young rising worshipper, from Edo State, based in Lagos. He has ministered in many conferences and platforms. He has 3 tracks Obodo, Holy Spirit, and Grace to his credit by the grace of God. His new single HOSANNA talks about our victory in Christ Jesus as a result of the death and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. HOSANNA is a song that lifts up the spirit of man and also brings joy to the body of Christ. It’s a praise song that is highly addictive, that when heard the body responds through dancing and rejoicing. 

Call Halle halle halleluyah
Res Halle
Call Halleluyah
Res Halle, halle
Call you sing
Res Hosanna
Call sing halleluyah
Res Halle halle
We’ve got the victory

Pre- chorus
Haalleluyah we have got the victory
Haalleluyah yes we’ve got the victory 2*
Help me sing
Hosanna, Hasanna Hosanna
In the highest
Hosanna hosanna
Yes we’ve got the victory

When I think of your for me
And the battles you’ve won for me
How you defeated the enemies

and change my stories, I can’t explain 2*


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