Alexandrah ft braa kwaku - As Long As Live (Mp3 download)

alexandrah ft braa kwaku – As Long As Live ( ghana ) Alexandra A.A. Aboagye with the artist name ALEXANDRAH, is a child of God, a vocal coach, an anointed minister of God, a public speaker, song writer and arranger, an award-winning artist as well as a music consultant. With all these capabilities, she serves her generation and beyond. 

ALEXANDRAH is the only child of her parents, birthed into a vibrant music family. However, her decision to become an artist was not out of obligation nor compulsion but out of passion and fulfillment. Active singing began for her at the age of four (4) where she first mounted her first public stage on the show, KIDAFEST. She then continued in a strong music group called SHINNING STARS all through her childhood until High School. Her EXCEPTIONAL VOCAL capabilities won her the role of a lead vocalist in SHINING STARS. From then, she moved on to WESLEY GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL where again for her rare vocals, earned her the name “THE NIGHTINGALE”. She was also the first student do a duet with the Headmistress at the time. She furthered her education at the KWAME NKRUMAH UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY where she began to establish her name as a household name in the youthful music terrain. 

Currently, ALEXANDRAH is the Founder and Chief Executive Office of ALEPH COURT COMPANY LIMITED. A music production company and a vocal training Center the offers varied music-oriented services and vocal training sessions to many across the world. She is also the host of the first, most educative vocal show in Ghana dubbed THE PERFECT VOCAL SHOW (THE PV SHOW). She is also very much celebrated for her release of several Hit tracks and covers: ABANDENDEN, TETE NYAME, OKYESO NYAME, REDEEMED and the latest hit track release “AS LONG AS I LIVE”. She is a lover of soul-winning and positive impact amongst the youth especially. So, she heads her team to have street evangelisms, music seminars and music workshops all year through.


  • To bring many to the saving knowledge of Christ
  • To be a vessel God pleases to use in this END TIME
  • To be an icon of GODLY HOPE to many
  • To inspire many to fulfill divine purpose


As long as I live

I’ll Praise the Lord

For He is my shield 

My Everything

In times of distress

My peace is sure

Oh Alpha, Omega 

I rest in You.

Abra mete ase yi

meyi woayɛ

efirisɛ wo yɛ me kyɛm

madiɛ ñyinaa 

Wɔ mahohia abrɛ mu

m’asomdwe di mu oo

oh Ahyɛase ne Ewieyɛ

ɔhomegiɛ wɔ wo mu oo

Tie ooo tie

Wo ne Nyame a 

Wo wie ansa mpo na woabɛ hyɛ aseɛ

Ɛyɛ ampa ne ampa ne ampa sɛ

wiase tumi nkrataa biara nni hɔ a

wo nsa ɛnhyɛ aseɛ

Wo ndwuma yɛ me nwonwa

 na me tena ase dwini ho a


Ɛyɛ wo ne Nyame a

Adeɛ ñyinaa Wo tease

Ɛni diɛ ahinta so no

Wo nim no

Ɛnyɛ wo ne Ɔteasefoɔ Nyame a

Wo teaseɛ Fri sɛ

Woade owuo ne asamanso nkunim no

Yiw, Wo ne Ɔteasefoɔ Nyame a

Wo wɔ hɔ fri nfi ntiaseɛ no

W’ahomeɛ a egu me mu no na

Ɛma me nso meteaseɛ

Tie oooo tie

Saa nwom yi yɛ me nnaseɛ adanseɛ

Wo ne Ɔbontantim Keseɛ a wo bue wo mu ma nsuo fri wo mu maa akwantufoɔ nyaa bi nom wɔ ɛsrɛ so no

Wo ne saa poma a wo bue ɛpo kɔkɔɔ no mu maa yɛn ɛgya no mo nanti asaase kɛsɛɛ so

Ogya Nyame a wo yɛ ne nan ase kanea

Se me tumi fa esum kabii bɔn mu na bɔni bia anka me a

Na ɛyɛ wo han a wo sɔ kyerɛɛ me kwan no

Wɔ sumsum me mfidie nanso sɛ woantumi ɛnya me a

na wo Nyame a wo yɛ Ɔbatan nti na wo de w’ataban kɛseɛ no bɔɔ me ho ban.

My rest is in You Oh Lord my God

My rest is in You

My cheer is in You

 my comforting staff and rod

oh when I am able to win my battles

because I hold Your Word as my Sword

And how I sing the sweetest notes when You strike Your love chords and spread Your love abroad

Ɔdom ñyinaa Nyankropɔn

Wo de me ɛsie de w’adom no ɛsiesie me

San so de w’ayeyi so ɛsie m’anum

Enti wo ka m’ano tow mu biara a

Ɛnyɛ yɛ yiye

Na sɛ anka metumi a

Anka me de wo bɛhyɛ akyiri

na metru wo ato w’ayeyi fri tre de akosi tre

Yɛ da wase ooooooo

Yɛ da wase

Yɛ da wase Awura

Yɛ da wase Ɛnsa

Yɛ da wase mprɛnsa

Ɛno nti yɛ da wase a

na yɛ bɛ kɔso a ada wase

Yɛ wia a na ya sanso ada wase

Wo yɛ Nyame nti na wo nyaa me

Wo yɛ Nyame nti na wo nnyaa me

Wo yɛ Nyame nti na yɛ nya wo a na yamen no

My rest is in You oh Lord

My rest is in you

Ehu ooooooooooo

Ne me le agbe

Makafu wo

Eyae nye nyeƒe

Nye nusianu

Le dzorgbe vɔe me a`

Nutifafa li daa

Tsɔ gɔme yi enuwuƒe

Ma gbɔ le wo me

Alexandrah ft braa kwaku - As Long As Live (Mp3 download)


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